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David Baron - my writing partner and producer on all four albums: Age of Solo, Everyman (2008), Good Fortune Bad Weather (2012) and Endless Climb (2022) without whom I would never have recorded anything at all....

Here & Now Recordings

Anthony Phillips

James Collins

Richard Moore

Cameron Craig

Dave Barbarossa

Brian Kavanagh

Sarah Fimm

Peter Murphy

Karl Culley

Adie Hardy

Ferdinando Arno

Hetty Clarke

Kirsten Morrison

Cherry Red Records

John Cooper Clarke and Hugh Cornwell

James Ussher

Dave Bagg

Filmmaker Rune Ness

Universal Music Production Music

Thank you to Roland for giving me a Juno and Casio for giving me a Casio keyboard

Thank you to Ian Hall for lending me his Japanese Stratocaster since 2008

Sam Lowsley-Williams

Roger O'Donnell

Erin Lang

Danny Blume

D James Goodwin

Zachary Alford

Sara Lee

Jeremy Bernstein

Simi Stone

Ben Cocks










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