Lettie! She’s enigmatic to me. I get drawn in by her sunbright rays that are her songs…’ Peter Murphy (Bauhaus)

‘I love Lettie's music…. She is a precious English talent.’ Roger O’ Donnell (The Cure)


‘Good Fortune, Bad Weather’ (Outerworld Records June 27th 2012) tipped as one of the best albums of 2012 by Mark Beech writer for Bloomberg (December 2012)

‘Tracks such as Bitter, Never Want to Be Alone, Pandora, Fitter, Crash and Burn and Come Back are terrific, snap-snap-snap pop songs. The issue of how come we’ve never heard of Lettie before has duly been solved’ Tony Clayton-Lea The Irish Times **** May 2012

Lettie, a U.K. singer-songwriter, is another one to watch. Her “Good Fortune, Bad Weather” is a strong collection of electro-pop, ranging from the bouncy “Lucky” to the gentle “Bitter.” Rating: ***Bloomberg August 2012

“Unsigned singer-songwriter Lettie crafts an excellent collection of folk-dance pop with her debut album, offering a mix of electronic beats, breathy vocals and an alternative vibe that makes her hard to classify.” *** MSN May 2012

‘Lighter hearted in sound than the likes of the sometimes icy-sounding Ladytron or Fever Ray, it’s baffling why a major label hasn’t taken a chance on Lettie yet....’ ***** from MusicMuso April 2012

‘…Lettie ticks all the boxes and so many more on her third album, the world of pop has never sounded so inviting.’ ‘Rhythm & Booze’ Rating 9/10 March 2012

‘Age of Solo, the fantastic 2008 debut disc from super-talented British chanteuse Lettie.’Entertainment Weekly’s 'Pop Watch’ December 2008

‘Age Of Solo is a colourful, tight collection of songs full of sweet, naïve melodies, offset with glowing and lavish production...Letties songs are a masterclass in soulful, edgy avant-pop.’ *****Wears The Trousers October 2008

“But the highlight is London-based singer-songwriter Lettie (myspace.com/lettiemusic) whose electro-pop ‘All You Want’ is as honey-sweet as you'll hear." The Guardian July 2007

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